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Egg, sperm or embryo donation, embryo adoption and gestational surrogacy, frequently referred to as Third Party Reproduction, has opened a new dimension for couples who otherwise were labeled as being infertile or sterile. Whether you are a sperm donor or a gestational carrier, you’ll find information and answers to your questions, Two main qualities to look for in selecting a sperm donor are assurance of good health and absence of genetic diseases. Your sperm donor should be younger than age 40 to avoid potential problems with aging sperm. Learn more in these articles:


“If you want to be treated exceptionally well by helpful staff, a welcoming front office and a highly knowledgeable, caring and responsive clinical team, then look no further. Dr. Brian Acacio and his team helped us conceive and also made sure that we never felt alone in the process. It's an extremely dedicated group of people that genuinely help people fulfill their dream of parenthood.”

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