"your patience, attention to detail and sheer tenacity is so inspiring. I can't express how overjoyed I am... "

"You are the best RE nurse I have encountered through this whole infertility journey in CA (dealing with 3 clinics and interviewing a 4th)!!!"

"Thanks seems like much too small a word to communicate how much gratitude we have for all your kind help. Your patience, tenderness, and optimism always touched our hearts- and I’m sure made a healthy impact on me during my treatments."
Adriana and Roland S.







an exceptional teamwork

Complementary to Dr. Acacio is a stellar team of experts with a big heart. Here you will meet some of them.


Sylvia Parrett, clinical manager

A Word from Sylvia:

"When I started my fertility journey as a patient at the age of 27, I never knew the joy or depths of despair I would have to experience in order to have a family. It is this journey that has brought me to the Acacio Fertility Center as the Clinical Manager.

After 16 years and 10 cycles of fertility treatments I can proudly say I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, a dream I never thought possible. It is because of this journey that I bring hope for our patients and believe in their potential to become parents. Dr. Acacio believes in giving everyone a chance to try, and he works with each patient based on individual history and needs. His personal touch, accessibility and profound kindness make the Acacio Fertility Center the place of choice for all who are looking for hope and someone to trust."


Meet Sylvia:

Complementing her nursing degree from St. Benedict College, Sylvia earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus. Her career has demonstrated tenacious devotion as a nurse, as well as relentless advocacy of those who wrestle with uncertainty and tremendous challenges.

Over a span of 31 years, Sylvia has worked with cancer patients, medically disabled children, and hospice patients. Her experience has been shaped by a myriad of responsible roles, from being an ICU nurse, to nursing administration in a Critical Care Unit at the University of Chicago, teaching positions in college nursing programs, and manager of home care for the terminally ill.

Prior to joining Dr. Acacio’s team several years ago, Sylvia worked at the Fertility Centers of Illinois for 10 years. Subsequently, she was the Program Coordinator in the Women’s Health Program at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago, where she did research in menopause and managed all aspects of female patients’ care throughout their lifespan.

As a Social Worker she managed a home for wayward children, worked in child Abuse and Federal Probation, taught in the Reformatory for men in Minnesota, and volunteered at the VA for our soldiers who needed a friend. Sylvia and her husband have been foster parents to many.

Joanne Parker

The majority of Joanne's career has been Maternal Child Health, having worked in pediatrics, Labor and Delivery for 17 years at the Mission Hospital, and a large OB/GYN practice. Joanne grew up in Laguna Beach and attended Laguna Beach High School. She studied for her RN at Saddleback College and received her BS from Excelsior College. She is certified in Obstetrics.

She loves spending time with her family. Quilting and photography are her hobbies. She is excited to be a part of Acacio Fertility Center.


Suzann Hansen

Suzann Hansen RN has had 28 years of hospital experience in Maternal Child care, specializing in high risk antepartum care, post partum and newborn nursery.

She joined Dr. Acacio's team 11/2 years ago seeking a new experience and to expand her knowledge in infertility. Suzann is kind and gentle with a quiet sense of humor and we are grateful to have such a caring nurse working with us on a per diem bases.

Suzann has been a Laguna Niguel resident for 21 years. She is active in her community and loves the southern California coast.


Shauna Vega

Shauna was born and raised in nearby Orange County. She grew up in Huntington Beach, CA where she attended Ocean View High School. Shen then went on to study to become a Medical Assistant. She has a background in animal care as well as a brief encounter with allergy and asthma patients.

Family is very important to Shauna and she finds the time to be with them often. Shauna is very happy to be working with the Acacio Fertility Center.