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Laguna Niguel, Southern California – February 15, 2010 - Dr. Brian Acacio now joins an elite group of physicians who are certified to perform Da Vinci robotic surgery through Acacio Fertility Center.

A leading reproductive endocrinologist who specializes in helping couples with infertility difficulties, Dr. Acacio understands the complexity of infertility treatment. His specialized procedures and treatment strategies are optimizing couples’ success of having a baby. A clinician who also trains other physicians, Dr. Acacio has helped more than 1,000 couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Some patients’ conditions (such as fibroids) require Dr. Acacio to perform advanced, minimally invasive surgeries such as myomectomy, ovarian cystectomy, and endometriosis.

With the sophisticated robotic surgery, Dr. Acacio is able to expand his surgical capabilities to a new level of precision and power. He uses this state-of-the-art robotic technology and 3-D imaging to gently and precisely execute surgical maneuvers through small incisions. This technologic enhancement is important to seamlessly translate a surgeon’s hand movements into precise micro-movements.

By undergoing minimally invasive procedures as part of their infertility treatment, a patient requires minimum recovery time and therefore minimum interruption to their overall progress. Very few reproductive endocrinologists around the country have this expertise in robotic technology. Dr. Acacio continues to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Acacio, please contact his office at (949)249-9200 or visit his website at www.Acaciofertility.com.


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“It is difficult to write reviews for fertility clinics since there is so much inherent bias in terms of whether or not one receives a positive outcome. My wife and I, both physicians, understand that online reviews are largely skewed in this regard and tend to focus on things like "customer service" and factors that are somewhat irrelevant to the quality of the medical care received. In our case, however, there is no choice but to give Dr. Acacio and his staff 5 stars.”

“If you want to be treated exceptionally well by helpful staff, a welcoming front office and a highly knowledgeable, caring and responsive clinical team, then look no further. Dr. Brian Acacio and his team helped us conceive and also made sure that we never felt alone in the process. It's an extremely dedicated group of people that genuinely help people fulfill their dream of parenthood.”

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